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TYPE: Programming + Office
SIZE: 110,000 sf
YEAR: 2011

Partner in charge: Brad Zizmor
Senior associate: Eliane Maillot, Will Rosebro
Project team: Aaron Whitney, Phil Ward, Amy Mielke, Laura Sinn
Photography: Magda Biernat


Faced with rising facilities cost in their 200,000 sq ft office space WNET decided to consolidate 480 employees and all technical components into an office ½ the size in only seven months.  With the move came a valuable opportunity to refresh their image and the way they work to reflect a new media atmosphere. 

The new space eliminates all private offices in lieu of 100% open workstations, flexible team rooms for each department, small huddle rooms for individuals, and general conference rooms of varying sizes resulting in much needed collaborative spaces.  

A room deemed the “Quiet Car” was also provided on the editing floor for departments to have an area free of phones and computers where one can focus on new scripts and projects.  Workstations can be easily re-configured to accommodate the ebb and flow of interns and departments based on new programming.  


The client and design team wanted to make sure the design of the new space reflected WNET’s rich history but could be executed within the aggressive budget and schedule.  As a result, the design team utilized in-stock, low tech digital tablets that WNET could upload current content or pull from a vast image library of past programming.